/ 19.4.14 /

Spring Shift:
Matching Holographic Accents

The holographic trend picked up a lot of steam this past winter, becoming the go-to accessory trend for minimalist outfits photographed against shimmering white banks of snow. The visual appeal of a smooth, iridescent surface whose liquid rainbow is forced to follow structure seems to be getting lost behind the clamor of floral prints and pastel brights. But before you stash away your lovely holographic accessories until next winter, here instead is a guide to transitioning them into the spring season. 
/ 21.2.14 /

Simpler Times:
A Look at Peter Callesen's Paper Art

Art is forever evolving and becoming more complex, both in use of media and in concept. Peter Callesen, a Danish artist, challenges the abstractness and immense complexity of art by making beautifully simple and relatable works from standard sheets of A4 paper.